Bariatric Istanbul: Bariatric Istanbul: The bariatric surgery center

we are helping to save lives.

Our journey, which started with our own story, turned into the same story with thousands of people. When we realized that the weight we gain involuntarily affects our lives negatively, it was time to stop. Our journey has begun in which we shed light on people who are unhappy with a sedentary life and want to get rid of the weight that lowers their life conditions. Even the "obesity surgery" discourse made us shudder, while "bariatric surgery" became a much better and easier discourse. Because we were not obese people, unhappy with their excess weight. All we had to do was to get surgical support to help daily calorie control.
This is how "Bariatric Istanbul" was born.

Bariatric Istanbul, where we meet with different life stories, is a health institution that receives support from bariatric surgeries to change people's life styles. The bariatric surgery healthcare field in which we serve for more beautiful healthy women and stronger healthy man continues to touch lives with our experienced doctor and assistant staff team.

We continue to serve people who are focused on their purpose from all over the world with advanced health facilities in Turkey, the country we are in. Our program, which is based on controlled and healthy nutrition for healthy generations, is a great source of motivation in our hospitals, which are equivalent to 5-star comfort hotels with a 100% success rate. Our Bariatric Istanbul Obesity Surgery Center, where we plan everything you need in advance with a large team, is ready for you.
We are looking forward to the new life you will give you in our hospitals with advanced operating rooms, intensive care services more advanced than European standards, JCI certificates that have everything you need before and after bariatric surgery.

be ready to renew yourself! We do not promise a new you we guarantee it!

  • over 30+ years experienced surgeons
  • trained and experienced nurse and staff
  • hospital accommodation like a 5 star hotel
  • 24/7 surgical & after case support
  • best prices for bariatric surgery
  • no hidden costs
  • professional and expert team for bariatric surgery
  • protein and vitamin support

Bariatric Based Surgeries

weight control is now very easy with gastric sleeve, mini gastric bypass or full gastric bypass!
Bariatric Istanbul is a obesity clinic that offers special services for weight loss, only with staff trained for bariatric surgeries.

Why you should choose us?

why what we do makes us more exceptional than others.

Our mission is based on providing a quality life to all humanity by staying at a healthier weight. This is exactly why we plan and perform bariatric surgeries.
Our priority; It is to improve people’s quality of life and help them build a happy future.

Best Surgeons in Town

Bariatric surgery operation guaranteed by bariatric and metabolic surgeons with more than 30 years of experience.

Professional Staff

Professionally trained and experienced nurse and help team for aftercare with bariatric surgery.

Best Care Services

The best care and nurse services. Continuous follow-up with special dietitian and representative support.

Comfortable Hospital

The hospitals in the comfort of a 5-star hotel where everything is considered for your comfort and healing process.

Quality Materials & Equipments

State-of-the-art laparoscopic surgeries with FDA approved medical equipment. The most important thing is your health.

Numbers of Bariatric Istanbul

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Numbers of Bariatric Istanbul can explain the success rates for our bariatric surgeries. bariatric surgery turkey

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